Holy Grails of Skin Care

What a time to be alive! Many company's are starting to turn away from harsh ingredients as consumers become more conscious of what they are buying. So, what does that mean for skin care? What are the Holy Grails of Skin Care moving into this new era? We've created a list of 3 Holy Grail Ingredients that you should be using.

 Shea Butter

 Shea Butter has been used for many years in health and beauty care. The nuts coming from a West Africa native shrub have multiple key vitamins. So why should you be using it?

1. Hydrating

Shea butter is typically used to add moisture into your skin leaving you feeling hydrated all day due to all the fatty acids

2. Antioxidant

Shea Butter has been found to have Vitamins A and E meaning it has strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals, molecules that attach to the collagen and weakens the elasticity in your skin, keeping your skin tight and flawless.

3. Appearance

The butter is can aid in the fading of scarring and stretch marks. In addition, due to it's anti-inflammatory properties it helps to soothe eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. With all the benefits that Shea Butter offers, this is a must have in your skin care bag or cabinet.

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Rose Water

Next on our list is, of course, Rose Water which can be found at pretty much every store or made easily at home. Check out our How-To-Guide! This item is usually seen being used as a toner.  Here are some of the main benefits from this Holy Grail product!

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Rose Water's anti-inflammatory properties make it one of the best products to use to calm irritated skin (e.g. red spots).

2. Hydrating

Rose water is super hydrating and leaves your skin feeling fresh and not oily. 

3. Calming

The smell of the product has been said to calm feelings of anxiety, relaxing your mind

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Last but not least on our list is Jojoba Oil. You can find this ingredient in almost every beauty product you own. But, why? Find out below!

Jojoba Oil

1. Noncomedogenic

Unlike oils like coconut ,which is used in majority of moisturizers, Jojoba oil is a noncomedogenic. Meaning that because of the chemical make-up of the oil, it won't clog your pores which can create acne.

2. Moisturizing

Studies have proven that not only is jojoba oil moisturizing but it's a lasting moisture that can withstand many environments: dry weather or rain.

3. Gentle

Jojoba oil can work for ALL skin types especially sensitive skin because  it's non-allergenic.

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That is the end of our Holy Grail list. Let us know in the comments your experience with any of the products above. Don't forget to subscribe!

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